Fondazione Marche Cultura - FMC (Coordinator), cultural foundation operating in Marche Region (Italy)

The Marche region is one of the densest landscapes in Italy both for tangible and intangible heritage. However, its territory is morphologically complex, fragmented into numerous administrative realities penalized by a poor infrastructure system and lacking a major cultural hub. At aggregate level, its patrimony appears to be scattered and not synthesized in a recognisable regional identity. FMC operates by performing key tasks like coordination of museums, management of archives and collections, cultural heritage digitization, organization of displaced festivals and events connecting different locations. FMC is a key player in Marche’s cultural panorama for 2 main reasons:

  • it manages the region’s cultural heritage on behalf of the regional administration, thus having great access to resources and consolidated collaboration with various cultural operators;
  • it deals with the project themes in the combined perspective of cultural production and cultural promotion.

FMC is thus specifically in charge of the connection between the creative production process and the promotional aspect. It will coordinate Transnational co-creation & circulation of cultural imageries, as well as key strategic tasks in project implementation, namely:

(a) the identification of a shared Roadmap & Action Plan for cultural promotion through cultural imageries;

(b) the 4 transnational artists’ communities and residencies oriented to the artistic representations of the 4 regional imageries;

(c) the artistic coordination of the 4 events forming the Displaced Festival; the creation of an Open Platform as the official showcase of the whole project experience.

As Coordinator, it will also be in charge of supervising activities and financial performance.

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