The Manises Residence (Valencia) marked the fourth of residences organized within the European project ThisPLACED, co-financed by the European Union under the Creative Europe program.

Over the course of a week, 16 artists from Italy, Poland, Serbia, and Spain had the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in and draw inspiration from the local culture of Manises. From Monday, December 11 to Saturday, December 16, the artists were fully immersed and introduced to the traditions, culture, history, art, and craftsmanship of Manises.

During these five days, the artists had the chance to explore the significance of ceramics in the community through guided tours of its streets, iconic landmarks, and a visit to the Ceramic Museum

They attended the collective exhibition "Joguets en ceràmica" organized by the National Association of Ceramic Professionals (Anpec)

The artists not only delved into the history of Manises ceramics but also gained insights into its present and future. Following a visit to the Escuela de Arte Superior de Ceramica de Manises, the artists were impressed by the facilities and education offered by one of Europe's oldest ceramic schools.

They also explored various artisan workshops in Manises, including a visit to J. Gimeno Martínez's studio and the Valencian Association of Ceramics

The residency extended beyond ceramics. The artists discovered the significance of the Turia River as it flows through the town through a Nordic walking tour led by guides, exploring the irrigation system, weirs, and the diverse species inhabiting the Turia.

The residents then visited IES Ausiàs March, where they learned firsthand about the educational innovation and research project "Un riu de vida, un riu de diversitat" that the institute's community has been developing.

A crucial part of Manises' culture lies in its cuisine and gastronomy. Throughout their stay, the artists had the chance to savor typical dishes from Manises' establishments such as Mayor 55, Asador As De Brasa, Tucan Tucan, and Sant Joan.

On their final day, the artists spent the entire day at another artisan workshop at DOMANISES. Here, they not only observed ceramics but also actively participated in ceramic and culinary workshops. A culinary workshop focused on the preparation of traditional Manises dishes, followed by a tasting session.

Experienced artisans led a practical Raku technique workshop, exploring various modeling and shaping techniques, allowing the artists to express themselves individually and as a group


Once the artists return home, they will bring with them the experiences lived in the community and the suggestions collected to re-elaborate, each through their own artistic language, a work of art. The works will then be exhibited during the traveling festival "Displaced" which will be organized in the spring in the four partner territories.

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