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The second art residency organized as a part of the European project ThisPLACED took place from 28 th September to 1 st October in Wrocław, the capital of Lower Silesia region in Poland.

The residency was organised by the Foundation for Landscape Protection (FOK) in cooperation with the cultural institution – Ośrodek Postaw Twórczych Zamek.

ThisPLACEDproject aims at creating and promoting peripheral and undervalued cultural imaginaries, typical of some little-known areas of Europe, with the purpose of enhancing a more authentic narrative of these locations, giving expression to these cultural imaginaries and also relating them to each other.

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The European partners involved in ThisPLACED project are:

Co-financed by the European Union under the Creative Europe program, the project started in the summer of 2022 and will continue until September 2024, with the final creation of a traveling "Displaced" festival that will present the results of the artistic reworkings of cultural imaginaries in the four countries involved.

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Among the international artists who came to Wrocław for residency were young artists from Italy, Spain and Serbia. There were also artists from Poland who took part in the residency showing their workshops and art works.

The artists spent four days exploring the cultural landscape of Lower Silesia. Together they visited the most important cultural institutions in Wrocław to experience the rich artistic life of the city. The programme of the artistic residency included, among others:

Also, the young artists took part in the annual Hedwig's Fair, which took everyone back to the medieval times. The event was packed with multi-faceted workshops, music as well as local culinary specialities.

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During the residency, a short video was produced to show how the participants perceived Wrocław.

ThisPLACED video_def from Anna Kraszewska on Vimeo.

The aim of the residency was to show artists the diversity of Wrocław and the entire Lower Silesia region and its wealth of tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Once the artists return home, they will bring with them the experiences lived in the community and the suggestions collected to re-elaborate, each through their own artistic language, a work of art. The works will then be exhibited during the traveling festival "Displaced" which will be organized in the spring in the four partner territories.


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