Foundation for Landscape Protection

Foundation for Landscape Protection - FOK, operating in the region of Lower Silesia (Poland)

The region of Lower Silesia is rich in history and geo-political relevance. Traditionally disputed between Germany and Poland, it is a key historical and cultural crossroads in the EU whose importance is mostly undervalued in today’s cultural economy. FOK works in Lower Silesia in the following fields: protection of the natural and cultural landscape, exchange of experience and transfer of knowledge at the regional/national/international level, regional development and tourism, promotion of cultural & creative industries.

FOK actively participates in projects dealing with various aspects of cultural heritage management: public involvement and participation, public-private cooperation, training. It cooperates with public authorities, cultural institutions, universities, SMEs, entrepreneurs. Considering its expertise, FOK is assigned the coordination of the opening tasks of the project - Transnational Network for common cultural promotion methodologies. This task is in fact crucial in establishing successful methodologies for cultural heritage assets identification and for defining fruitful collaboration with cultural stakeholders and the local population. Moreover, due to its experience in cultural heritage training, FOK will supervise the creation of the online training module, which needs to cover cross-cutting needs and have wide application transnationally.


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