Kulturanova, an association dealing with the cultural and environmental heritage of Vojvodina Region (Serbia)

Kulturanova’s regional territory is an agricultural plain along the Danube. In human landscape, the area is highly multicultural at ethnic /religious/ cultural level; however, minorities’ traditional folklore remains mostly unexplored in contemporary art narratives.

In this framework, Kulturanova is an umbrella association of various non-formal independent art groups. Having interculturalism, intersectoral networking, peace building, equality and participation as its core values, it works to foster intercultural and intersectoral dialogue in society and public policies. Its main activities can be summed up in: development of independent cultural content; support for networking of young artists; audience development strategies; mainstream cultural products through multimedia; organization of events & presentations. Kulturanova also has an internal department exclusively focused on audio-visual storytelling (Medianova).

Kulturnova will be specifically in charge of project activities focused on external dissemination. This translates into:

  • The digital creation of the 4 project cultural Atlantes as key reference for external users to approach the 4 diversified regional identities;
  •  The coordination of communication & dissemination activities, with a particular focus on the supervision of Influencers & Travel vloggers social campaign and Multimedia & storytelling activities. It will also curate the final project video as an accurate testimony of the project experience through visual means.

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