The Municipality of Manises

The Municipality of Manises, a public authority located in the industrial hinterland of the Valencian Community (Spain)

Manises is a town of 30k inhabitants in the province of Valencia. It is an important hub for the industry of tiles, pottery and metal. Manises has a remarkable panorama of small-scale cultural initiatives related to ceramics, photography, traditional cultural heritage; the prevailing industrial architecture stands as a unique cluster of urban heritage, human landscape and traditions. However, the greatest cultural interest in the region is concentrated on major cultural poles, with Manises’ typical industrial heritage suffering from cultural isolation and progressive abandonment. The Municipality’ policies bet on art to bring culture back to the centre of the region’s social life; it operates by relaunching traditional heritage through creative, interdisciplinary projects aimed at the entire community.

Manises’ expertise in addressing cultural initiatives targeted to multifaceted audiences results in the coordination of Collaborative reshaping of regional identities & cultural imageries. More specifically, it will define and supervise the effectiveness of participatory processes for the identification of cultural elements both in the declination of focus groups and crowdsourcing campaigns through web tools. Thanks to its staff’s expertise in VET, it will also support FOK in outlining the main contents and strategies for the delivery of the transnational training for cultural operators in online format.

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